Fairly priced

Research shows that the average cost of legal fees for a divorce is over £10,000. Many people spend much more.

→ SeparateSpace is an online platform created by legal experts and mental health professionals, giving you everything you need to understand your divorce journey from as little as £50 a month.

Accessible to everyone

The legalities of divorce and financial separation can be overwhelming.

→ We use smart technology that responds to your individual circumstances to give you an on-demand 24/7, personalised divorce companion.

Holistic support

The end of a relationship can impact your mental health, your children and your work.

→ We have personalised evidence-based wellbeing tools and expert led guidance designed to support you and your family through your divorce.

Everything you need to navigate your divorce

Supporting your children

Legal guidance

Wellbeing resources

Q&A Clinics

Personalised pathway

Separating your finances

With the help of SeparateSpace, you'll be able to…

We're launching shortly!

We've designed SeparateSpace to provide you with affordable on-demand access to the legal, practical and emotional support you need to navigate your separation and divorce.

Top FAQs

Who is the team behind SeparateSpace?

SeparateSpace was founded by Amanda Bell and Victoria Nottage in 2022. Amanda and Victoria bring a combined 25+ years working at the forefront of Family Law. They have designed SeparateSpace with the help of experienced legal, mental health and educational professionals.

When will SeparateSpace be available to use?

SeparateSpace is in closed beta testing at the moment - meaning we're rolling it out on an invite only basis. Join our waiting list for early access to the platform.

How much will SeparateSpace cost?

We’re on a mission to make expert separation and divorce support accessible to as many people as possible. Membership costs £50 a month.

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